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August 06, 2008


Bryant Manning

I'd happily trade you guys our Chicago dog for some form of a street vending scene. I also think you need to start counting your blessings, since you guys lay claim to the incredible coney dog: chili, onions and a touch of mustard. oh yea.

Antonia Simigis

Next time you're in Chicago, let's grab a dog at Hot Doug's and catch up. Hope you're doing well.


As a former Chicagoan, I must pipe up: I think you mean "dragged through the GARDEN" (hence all the veggies), not "dragged through the kitchen." As much as I love Chicago's Wiener Circle, I would never eat anything dragged through their kitchen. Meanwhile, this place sounds awesome.

Steve Smith

Ooops! Right you are, Josh. And hello to Bryant and Antonia.

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