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October 27, 2005


Frank J. Oteri

There actually is an excellent recording of that Mennin String Quartet but alas it has yet to be re-issued from LP to CD. Wish I could have been there to hear it live, but alas was hosting what was a musically wonderful gig by Baltimore-based jazz composer/pianist George Spicka but which had zero audience. I thought it was due to the nasty windy rain, but maybe everyone else was at Mennin :(


What, you didn't notice DOLORA ZAJICK???? By the time Amonasro shows up, Amneris has had time to show everyone who's boss. Michele Crider is marginally serviceable, but the Aida-Amneris catfight to in the first scene of Act II must have at least wet some part of your body. In any case, La Zajick was the *only* performer to keep this Aida from degenerating into regional opera. And am I the only one to not notice James Conlon's 'brilliance'? I've been to dozens of his Met outings, and not once could I say I've been blown away by the pit. (But that's a blog post for another day ...)

A hearty WELCOME to the blogosphere, by the way. Beware of opera queens. :)

Steve Smith

Sieglinde, a very warm welcome to you. Yes, I surely did notice Zajick...but, I am a bit ashamed to admit, I was not convinced by her engagement with either the drama or the other players that night. The voice was a marvel, yes, but I just didn't feel any genuine connection between her and the rest of the cast on that particular evening. Maybe that was, as you suggest, because no one (up until the Atanelli entrance that so impressed me) could rise to her level? Heretical, I know, but that's the way it played for me.

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