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October 28, 2005


Frank J. Oteri

What is it with all the pyrophilic band names on Rough Trade anyway? Sounds like I need to catch up with Bell Orchestre and by extension Arcade Fire. In the meantime, I just finished my first listen to The Fiery Furnaces's Rehearsing My Choir, which I had to get after all the bruhaha: NY Times, Sequenza21 and an utterly inane negative review on Pitchfork that Molly claims reveals the faultlines between the indie rock and "new music" crowds, although she and I don't completely agree about what those faultlines might be. I just think that the Pitchfork review is insipid.

At any rate, which is perhaps why, the CD is fantastic, perhaps even a Smile for our time, which oddly enough occasionally suggests...Robert Ashley which is no way to imply that The Fiery Furnaces are being derivative here. Who knows if they've ever heard Ashley anyway. Call it the zeitgeist, but I love how everything somehow connects!


Hey- great post. I am writing a paper on Joan Jonas for a video art class. Do you recall if she wore any masks other than the skeleton mask in this piece? She seems to have used the same props in the piece and the video piece I'm analyzing, "Waltz." I'm trying to figure out the meaning of "Waltz" and I think the work she did for Ashley's piece may hold some clue.
-Kali Vanagas

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