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December 29, 2005



Beautiful essay, Steve. Thanks for taking the time & energy to craft it.

David Beardsley

Nice obit Steve. You said a lot that I have a hard time saying.


Very nicely done, Steve. Thank you.


Dan Warburton

Splendid obit, Steve. Just one point: Derek died in London (according to the email I received from Martin Davidson).

julio martinich

Thanks for the emotive touch of your writings. I will follow your recommendations to listen to Derek.


I heard the sad news only yesterday (f**k belgian newspapers - none of them found him worthy of an obituary).
To me he's one of the great musicians / geniuses / innovators of the 20th century. Thank god for people like him ... culture & beauty isn't a drag.


Dave Irwin

Nice piece, Steve. I had the privilege of performing with Derek here in St. Pete at the Dali Museum several years ago with my band. It was quite a challenge.

Thanks for writing so well and so generously. This is only the second mention of his passsing that I have seen.

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