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December 08, 2005



Thanks for the blog Steve, I'm totally ignorant of Mr. Curtis' music. I think I'll try to be at the Feldman performance, unfortunately (and fortunately) I'm seeing Slow Six on 12/17.

Alex Ross

Steve, that's a seriously genius headline.

Steve Smith

Brett, thanks for stopping by. Anyone who's interested in hearing one of New York City's most interesting up-and-coming jazz-cum-electronica projects could do a whole lot worse than to click on Brett's name above and check out the music of his trio, Ergo.

Alex, I hope it doesn't dent your admiration too much if I confess that I plagiarized one of my own TONY headlines. Of course, I did write that one, too...

Alex Ross

I too am guilty of intermittent print-to-blog and blog-to-print self-plagiarism...

David Beardsley

The last night of the La Monte Young work is Dec. 17th. I hope the transit strike doesn't scare people from coming into town.

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