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December 05, 2005



Is it something about Avery Fisher Hall?!? I went to hear Richard Goode in recital there some years ago. He gave the most sublime performance of Bach's Partita No.4 - during which someone, somewhere, fell asleep and started snoring. I had no idea where the culprit was sitting, since it was nowhere near me: the snore was so loud that the entire hall could hear it! And nobody did anything about it, despite a rustle of annoyance that went right across the auditorium. A light nudge of the elbow is all that's needed - it usually does the trick for my husband at the ballet - so might I suggest that spouses, companions or, failing that, the person in the next seat might gently agree to take responsibility for tactful and non-aggressive action on such occasions?


Jessica, I'm pretty sure I was at the same recital -- wasn't that one also at Carnegie's Stern Auditorium? Or am I confusing that instance with one in which Goode and Dawn Upshaw actually had to stop the concert and request that someone gently turn down the volume on their shrieking hearing aid?

Bernard Holland's Times review, BTW, confirmed what I'd heard about Ohlsson and the cell phones.

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I had the same experience at New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall at Richard Goode's recital on December 4 - one cell phone ring and one snoring senior. Goode never even blinked, but there were many glances and grimaces exchanged around the hall.

Earlier this fall one of our patrons slugged a cell phone abuser at a Cecilia Bartoli recital. He was removed at intermission, but many hearts went with him.

As Director of PR, I attend most of our performances and these sorts of occurences are incredibly frequent (more cell phones than sleepers). It is a never ending topic in our offices, though we are as perplexed as to what more we can do as anyone.

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