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March 20, 2006



>>Bailey, bassist Gavin Bryars and percussionist Tony Oxley<<

Gavin Bryars? I'll have to check that out. I'm a fan of Bryars's compositions (especially _A Man In A Room, Gambling_) but I've never heard his bass playing and was previously unaware of his work with Bailey and Oxley.

[PS Steve, maybe you could enable HTML in comments? It would be nice to have access to italics, boldface, blockquote, embedded links, etc.]

Steve Smith

Darcy, you're not the first to make that suggestion; the ubiquitous Frank J. Oteri brought it up sometime within my first few posts last year. I've noticed through my own commenting experience that Blogger makes the functions you describe elementary, but am shamed to admit that I have yet to discover the magic lever I might pull here on TypePad to make it so. Given your comment, I promise to renew my efforts. Anyone?

Bryars, you'll discover, is one helluva bass player.

Steve Smith

P.S. The Tzadik set is likely to stay in print for some time, but I've read suggestions that this might not be the case with the Incus catalog. So I would actually recommend that you consider seeking out the 1-CD "Joseph Holbrooke '98" live disc first.



After logging in to TypePad, click the "Weblogs" tab, click "Edit Configuration," then "Preferences," then scroll down and check the box that says "Allow HTML in comments."

Steve Smith

Darcy, I've done what you suggested. Let's see if it works.

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