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March 19, 2006


Robin Slick

Wow. As the mother of the drummer (Eric Slick) who played on Starless, Court of the Crimson King, and Super Jam, I got the chills reading this. I've put the link on my blog and the Rock School forum and I see Sid Smith has it on DGM Live as well.

Thank you!


Gala Shilova

Hi there!
I would like to ask the author of this review contact with me personally.
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Best wishes!


You all are very lucky!
I'm waiting to see again John Wetton in Rome, Italy as soon as possible!
He's the best... always!


Steve, I've been waiting for years to see Wetton play bass with a band - he was much better than the acoustic sets I heard in the '90s. The School of Rock kids were great - I wish I'd caught them with Adrian Belew and Eddie Vedder.

What a set list! My wife and daughter enjoyed it, although my wife said it was scary that she knew all the Crimson tunes

Recent ET postings have asked why there are so few posts lately. I wrote that it was missing informed input, and mentioned your name, among other usual suspects.

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