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March 17, 2006


A.C. Douglas

For we jazz dummies who've never heard the term before, much less know what it means, an explanation of Ghost Trance Music would be more than welcome.




Many thanks for this. Going tonight, my first time seeing Braxton, and appreciate the added context.

Also, while the playlist is useful as suggested listening, what about the occasional mp3?

J.K. Brogan

James Fei's liner notes to Compostion No. 247 are an excellent introduction to Braxton's Ghost Trance Music:



Thanks for posting this review, Steve!

@ACD & JKB: The liner notes on the Braxton House label's website are a very good rescource, too:


Bill Shoemaker describes in his contribution to Four Compositions (Quartet) 1995 how GTM came into being. (Among other reasons Braxton - swamped with administrative chores at Wesleyan - wanted to make an anti-academic music.)

And if you want to read more reviews from the Iridium concerts, take a look at the Braxton mailing list:



Thanks for all the commentary, everyone. ACD, you're right, I could have offered a clearer definition of what Ghost Trance Music is -- it's not a jazz term per se, but something specific to Braxton. The essay by James Fei that J.K. Brogan called up should provide a good (if toothy) introduction. And Professor LeDrew, I hope you'll let us know what your experience was like over at Chemistry Class. The playlists, by the way, aren't so much suggested listening as simply a scorecard of what I've personally been enjoying on the day of a given post. MP3s are something I'm pondering, but I'm not quite there yet.


What a dynamite review (of what sounds like a fabulous concert)! Thanks so much, Steve.


Thanks for the review, Steve (I'm only now finding it on the Web, sorry to be tardy).

Regarding GTM, I'm glad to hear someone else got the "stair-stepping" impression, and that it's not just me! The GTM stuff was fun and challenging, but I do notice the Iridium sets taking off in all kinds of other directions, warping the GTM idea as you'd expect Braxton to do over time. Very nice stuff.

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