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May 12, 2006


Doug Gary

A thorough and entertaining response. Thanks Steve.

Lisa Hirsch

No iPod here, for weirdly idiosyncratic reasons. 1. Unlike everybody else in the world, I don't find them sexy/must have. 2. Having that much music to choose from would only confuse me. 3. Who has the time to convert a collection to the right format? 4. A friend whose collection is a lot like mine says that iTunes & the iPod interface are poorly suited to multi-movement works and esp. to opera. (He used to work for Apple and filed a bug on that basis.) 5. I have CD players everywhere I am likely to listen to music. (At home, at work, in the car.)


Yes, a very enjoyable and thorough post, as Doug notes. As one of your readers, I always look forward to your playlists, and I appreciate you taking the time to explain them.

I own an iPod but tend to listen to it only when I need the convienence of a small device that allows me to select music randomly without having to swap multiple CDs (meaning, when I'm in the mood for random music). I continue to listen to CDs at home and through a portable player for some of the reasons mentioned here, but also because I'm still a stickler for sound quality, and the brilliant minds who devised the iPod and file compression have yet to find a way to offer the relative convienence of MP3s without a proportional (or disproportional) loss of sound quality.

Jon Abbey

we miss you on JC, Steve! the social aspect is lost here, it's not the same interacting with you in the comments field.

and your focus on this blog is so skewed towards classical, I know it's not really this all-encompassing of a focus for you in real life, kind of a bummer to lose most of your perspective on everything else.

just my two cents, since you broached it...


It's true, Doug Gary, the iPod is poorly set up for multi-movement works, since it's aimed at a universe where all music consists of "songs."(People who live in that universe use the term "song" even for music that has no singing in it, and are often flummoxed when this is pointed out.) I'd be interested to know what response (if any) your friend got from Apple.


Oops, I should have directed my question to Lisa Hirsch--I've posted it at her blog. Sorry.


just want to say i'm happy to meet someone else who is both an avid jazz and metal fan. there don't seem to be that many of us...
-ben from newton, ma

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