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June 15, 2006


Account Deleted

I can take a crack at the Aissawa Tariqa title if you like, Steve.

I'm eagerly waiting for Josh to pass along our pix to me, and post some at Cafe Aman as well...


Welcome back, dude. I'm hoping to make that OC gig myself. Saw him there two years ago - life-changing. Plus, a new studio album in the fall (here's hoping it's with the same two-bass band)!

Tom Pryor

Great post, Steve - but for Fes will always live on in my memory as the city of dangerous cats.

Steve Smith

Anastasia, I'd need Arabic symbols on my keyboard to render the title on the CD cover! I spent some time digging around the Fassiphone website last night, to no avail, but I don't given up easily.

Phil, my understanding from the publicist is that the new Ornette CD is not a studio session, but a live date with the current quartet recorded last year in Germany.

And Tom, all I can say is: "Tell you know who he was right...!"


Not only will I be going to Ornette Coleman tomorrow night...I'll be interviewing Oderus Urungus at lunchtime. (By phone, sadly.) Life is good.

Peter Cherches

Welcome back, Steve. I hope to run into you at Carnegie Hall tonight. I've seen Ornette's 2-bass quartet three times and was always blown away. The fifth man update could be interesting, but I'm not so sure Carnegie's acoustics will be kind to the electric bass addition.

Account Deleted

Scan it & email it to me, Steve. Too bad we don't have the oh-so-convenient (!!) Arabic-language keyboards here that we had in Fes...

I keep looking at our two felines and saying, "You have no idea how good you have it, girls..." They're pretty dangerous in their own right, though.

Henry Holland

Sorry if I seemed so pushy in the previous thread--I noticed last night that you noted you wouldn't be back until 6/11 or so. Heaven forbid you get reacclimated before blogging again! :-)

You lucky bastard, getting to hear Hatfield and the North! They have one of the very best song titles ever, EVER, in Gigantic Land Crabs in Earth Takeover Bid. Too bad Dave Stewart isn't along for the ride.

rolf den otter

Funny, this blog came up when I googled
lp's with classical music blog
(just under Jessica Duchen.....)
Nice to see so many music blogs..
Rolf den Otter
Researcher Sound design, Tu-Delft,
(my hobby LP->MP3 website)

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