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August 29, 2006


flying monkeys

Hello again, I would like to link to this blog. Would that be ok?

Herb Levy

Hi Steve,

Who do we lobby so that you, or anyone else for that matter, will write obits for these folks for the NYTimes?

Congrats on the new gig.




Gotta dissent on Pintado. I like the new Terrorizer album. It's not the debut, but what is? And I think Napalm peaked after UB; I particularly recommend their "experimental" album, Diatribes, to hear the full range of what they were capable of.

Steve Smith

Okobun, you're welcome to link here, and I look forward to spending more time poring over your site, as well. Am I correct to assume that you are based in Nigeria?

Herb, thanks. I'm assuming that someone has written about Tenney by now, and don't imagine the other two would be under consideration...which I'm sure you probably must have imagined.

Phil, once again we must agree to disagree. To be more precise, the reason I don't care for the new Terrorizer record is precisely the same reason I'm not looking forward to the new Morbid Angel record. (Whoa, Trigger! Steady there!)

You're absolutely right to state that Napalm Death's output didn't dip when they went into their more experimental phase with Diatribes, but I also happen to think that their latest few records have demonstrated an energy and cohesion that went lacking during the period in which Barney left, was replaced, and then returned. And given that we're speaking in the context of a Pintado obit, I find it interesting that the next Napalm Death release, Smear Campaign, actually heads into the more experimental areas the band first explored on the aforementioned Diatribes.

Heard Jeff Walker's "country" record yet?

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