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October 04, 2006


Corey Dargel

20 Years Old (Virgin)

Do you think Janet gets it?


Ah, Corey beat me to it...

Steven Smith

Thanks so much for the warm welcome. And for straightening out the name issue. Yours is in fact one of the reasons I opted to publish under a nom-de-blog!


[cirumventing the lack of comment box on the "Honored" post]

Congratulations on the award! And the response to Daily Blague is excellent. I'm a little bummed about knowing pretty much nothing about "Franz Schubert, David Garland and Morrissey," though... I think I have a recording of Winterreise somewhere I should listen to. :)

Brian Olewnick

Great news, Steve! None more deserving!


I think the last time I saw you was at a concert of "new" composers Rameau and Handel.

Congratulations on the award

Vanessa Lann

Hi Steve, huge congratulations on the award. Nice to hear you're getting the appreciation you deserve! One other idea: maybe with such a group of intelligent and well-listened
"Steve(n) Smith"
bloggers around, we should set up a link, a la Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, to a new site: "we are all steve smith" (populist-type statement with many layers of meaning, referring to Dennis' Mozart/composer productivity survey and project), to reflect (well, to reflect something cool). Really nice that you were recognized with this award! All the best from Vanessa in Holland.


Congratulations! And the navigating the differences between Swedish death and Norwegian black [and USBM] is no small matter either!

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