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January 12, 2007


Steven Smith

We seem to have more in common than our names. I've been a King Crimson/Robert Fripp fan for a long time (though today hardly as obsessed as I once was) and it's encouraging to see KC frequently in your "playlists". I love the DGM downloads. Fripp's soundscapes especially continue to inspire and fascinate.


Classic metal (not all that call themselfs metal) are very influnced by Classical music. Just listen to the intros on a Black Sabbath album or take their Litz like themes into consideration. Black Sabbath was born into the Prog era when bands were delibratly fusing rock and Classical music. Fast forward to the 80's and you have bands like Iron Maiden (influnced by the Prog era) who take Vivaldi discipleship and fuse it with romanticism all in a compact rock format. The 90's had Neo Classical metal (or shredding) that was based on experiments of Ozzy Guitarit Randy Rhoades and his love of Neo classical composers and the technical possobilitys of rock guitar. Classical music and "Classic" metal go hand and hand, both can be highly intelegent, complex and epic in scope. I could write a whole book on the comparisons but (because of sterotypes) no one would buy it. Before you write me off I must say I come from an acomplished classical background and have come into metal because of that background.

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