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February 04, 2007


Lisa Hirsch

Yes, that is a nice piece of writing! I called out his review of NCCO about 10 days as an example of why he's a much better critic than I am.

Having heard the same SFS program last night, I'm supercurious about how Joshua prepared for it, because there is no way one could take in the Holloway in one hearing. I am sorrry Tetzlaff got such a short writeup, because he was fabulous; just burned up the stage with his playing.

Joshua Kosman

Well, thanks to both of you for your kind words. Lisa, I deny that I'm a better critic than you are; I've just been doing it longer. I'm always awed and slightly abashed at the things you hear in performances that I manage to miss.

As for Holloway prep, with the kind assistance of the SFS I attended the final rehearsal with mammoth score in hand, which was helpful but not, I think, essential. At least not with this piece, which offers so much that is clear and graspable on a first hearing.

Lisa Hirsch

Blush! I feel the same way about your reviews: oh how could I have missed that??

What you say about the Holloway makes sense. I would have been taking lots and lots of notes.

I noticed two musical references that didn't turn up in the reviews, though it's highly likely you and Jeff Dunn noticed them: a to Petrouchka and to the end of Die Walkuere.

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