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April 22, 2007


Alex Ross

Steve, maybe you heard John Adams's version with the Juilliard Orchestra maybe four years back? That was a memorable Harmonielehre.

Lisa Hirsch

Runnicles is a great conductor in some repertory! You need to hear him in Wagner, especially. He's done Tristan twice in SF, brilliantly.


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Steve Smith

Alex, no, I wish I'd heard the now-legendary Juilliard Harmonielehre but I definitely did not.

Lisa, I do know of Runnicles's renown in Wagner and other romantics, including pre- and post-. I guess I should have extended the "post-" a bit more broadly in order to factor Adams in.

And David, I'm not altogether sure how you surfed in here, but I'm so completely entertained by the sports coverage at "American Legends" (especially J. Mark English's reposting of that ESPN segment on Dice-K's gyro) that, you bet, I'll post a link here.


On Verizon Hall's accoustics, they got slammed big time by a number of out-of-town critics who came to Philly to review it when the hall first opened. I'd love for those same critics to come back and give it another listen. The hall was opened before it was ready so that the big planned gala opening festivities and concerts could take place as long scheduled.
Since then, there has been a lot of tinkering with the hall's accoustics, and for the most part, they've been very successful. It may not be one of the great halls in the world, but it's developed into a good one; certainly a major improvement over the Academy of Music.

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