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May 11, 2007


Alex Ross

I love it when you're cheeky, Steve!

Marc Geelhoed

Since you don't allow comments on yr. NYT reviews...I'll write this here: You used "mitosis" in a concert review. Rock on!

Henry Holland

Say the word prog, and what immediately comes to mind is not musical innovation but half-hour solos and concept albums about hobbits

Oh for pete's sake, what's wrong with people? What you're describing is Led Zeppelin and their clones. Name me one really long solo in the classic period (1971-74) of ELP, Yes, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Genesis, Tull and Van Der Graaf? Emerson's incredible Moog work on the Welcome Back My Friend version of Aquatarkus, *maybe*. The hallmark of those bands were tight arrangements, no doodling solos like the 20 minute + Humble Pie thing I heard the other day.

And there's not one fucking hobbit to be found in any of those bands ouvres.

People who use those cliches should be banned from commenting on music. Using them is like saying "The Ramones were musical virtuosos who wrote complex, multipart songs using classical formal principles", that's as much connection to reality that they have.

Henry Hollandq

Um, sorry if the above is a little fiery, it's a pet peeve, obviously. :-)

Nice article about the Bad Plus, I've been curious about them, the new album is now on my list of stuff to download for a listen.

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