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August 09, 2007


Marc Geelhoed

I think you deserve all the credit in the world, dude. If only all the gigs we turn down could lead to such happiness!

Molly Sheridan

No secrecy intended; I just type a little slower than everyone else. (The things that happen when you don't have your own blog!) But many, many thanks, Steve, for, well, everything. See, I really meant it when I told you that you'd probably changed the course of my whole life. Crazy how that works out. Guess Frank Capra was right.


Wow, I just caught wind of all this nuptual furore! Thank God I outed my bride-to-be in the New Yorker. But forgive me, as I don't know Brian, I have no idea to whom he is engaged. Can anyone clear this up for me?

Steve Smith

Danny, Brian is saxophonist and blogger Brian Sacawa. He is engaged to Molly Sheridan, who outed herself a few days later on Sequenza 21, and again in the comment that appears directly above yours. The two of them were introduced, quite innocently, by me.

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