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September 23, 2007



Steve, may I be so bold to suggest that it's better to not type longer texts within a browser- and blogging-software interface?

I'm extremely lazy and write all my blog comments which exceed one paragraph with a text editor where the "Save" button is just one mouse-click away :-)

Lisa Hirsch

Oh, you have my sympathies. I started the Times article five minutes ago, and look forward to your long posting.

Blogger has an autosave feature now.

Lisa Hirsch

(Dammit, I put in fake HTML with shill on, shill off, and your blogging platform stripped out the joke.)

Steve Smith

Yes, yes, it was all my fault: I got cocky after a Typepad upgrade made it virtually impossible to lose an unsaved post through accidentally navigating away. It just burns me that the reason I lost the post was because I opened another tab to fetch one last URL to link to another site, and that site turned out to be all blinged up with too many bells and whistles for my poor, tired browser to handle.

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