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September 25, 2007



"The most secure singing came from debutant Stephen Costello in the small role of Alberto, his tone bright and hardy, with a strip of metal down the center." Did you mean ARTURO as in Arturo Bucklaw the man Lucia married against her will?


Right you are, Alan, and thanks for catching my late-night blunder.

Counter Critic

Hey Steve-

I have a general question for readers. Why do we perform Lucia at all? It's such a mediocre work that is really only good for showcasing crazy-talented singers (btw, we found Dessay both crazy and talented, but not necessarily good). Any thoughts?



One can only agree with Ryan -Lucia is a 4th rate work -it is for musical dim wits who go
only to see if the dreary soprano cracks on the "e". and there are plenty dim wits out there and
Gelb knows it and caters to them .Money is money . Meanwhile another boring season without Podles. -Can one take the Met seriously ??????

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