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October 26, 2007



I am glad you've prevailed, Steve. Your blog is always a reminder that enthusiasm in critical writing trumps hip snarkiness. All the best in the coming year.

Rich Murray

Regarding UKZ - I can tell you Alex Machacek is one of the great talents in jazz fusion guitar today. Very creative; I like his writing as much as his playing. His album [SIC] from last year was amazing, and his recent album Improvision (with Jeff Sipe and Matthew Garrison) is my favorite disc of 2007.


Happy Blogthday!

Opera Chic


Mine is about to turn 1! We should schedule a playdate!


Many happy returns of the day, Steve. Sorry you missed San Fran., and hope you're now feeling much better.


Alex Ross

Happy blogday, Steve! It was a dull backwater before you came along.

Bruce Hodges

Congratulations! Here's hoping Night After Night lives to a ripe old age--whatever that means in blog years.

Henry Holland

Henry Holland, I'm looking at you

[Wozzeck voice] Jawohl, Herr Hauptman! [/Wozzeck voice]

I love Trey Gunn's stuff, this sounds quite interesting. I'll report back a) if it happens and b) I can go.

Congrats on the b-day of the blog. I love looking at your playlists, it's nice to see a music critic who doesn't run screaming from the classic prog band stuff or (worse) sneer at it without knowing a damn thing about the music, only that Rick Wakeman used to wear a spangly cape on stage.

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