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October 25, 2007


Lisa Hirsch

I realize this could turn into a PROJECT but I would love recommendations for the RVW symphonies. I have Spano's Sea Symphony and that's it.

Steve Smith

It should be a project, Lisa, especially if one is going to make the kind of hyperbolic claim I did.

John Gibbons

On the Taruskin mega-review, I've started a series of posts myself at Holdekunst.com. You like his snarky-in-a-good-way treatment. While I totally agree that some of the subject matter deserves that, I think he goes TOO FAR and veers out of control into his own agenda, which has something to do with anti-Teutonicism, elitism, etc. I can't condone this fine musicologist (at whose feet I kneel to learn more about Shostakovich and whose writing style I certainly enjoy).


The Taruskin article was actually pretty good, I thought - he seems to lay out a convincing case that snobbery and self-interest often get in the way of the authentic humanistic experience music is supposed to offer (or something like that.) But, he gets a little over-excited with burning down the fancy houses of others and fails to offer any kind of counter-reality. Here in New York, we have it! Small, scrappy venues, low ticket prices, endless eclecticism. We're so damn lucky.

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