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November 16, 2007


Vincent Kargatis

Nice love letter, Steve, enjoyed it. Haven't picked up Seconds yet, but will soon. I'm just getting around to ripping the 50ish minute JMT Bloodcount tracks, sectioning them where appropriate (50 mins too long for my preferred mp3-shuffle listening). Great to hear about the reunion!


I'm partial to the stuff with Ducret, myself.

Hey, where were you last weekend!


Steve Smith

Vince, there are also Bloodcount dates in Baltimore (Feb 9) and Philadelphia (Feb 10). I don't guess either of those does you much good in Ottawa, but maybe you can hit NYC for a weekend?

Walt, sorry, sorry. I was here, but got completely snowed under by work. Next time, for sure.


But is objectivity more important than knowledge? You obviously have a lot of the latter. As for the former, I don't think a dispassionate/distant view would make for more helpful or entertaining reading than this post whipped into mainstream media shape.

Caleb Deupree

I love posts like these because they send me back to the archives to listen to recordings that have otherwise been gathering dust. I've been enjoying the Caos Totale disc today, and look forward to hearing some of the other Bloodcount music again soon.

At some point (in your copious spare time...), I'd love to know more specifics about Berne's compositional strategies and what makes his longer pieces into "narratives unbounded by formal constraints." Coming more from a classical background, I can follow scores by Feldman and Bruckner, and even scores that call for a larger degree of improvisation, such as Rzewski or Wolff. But jazz charts are seldom published for anyone outside the performers to see, which means I'm not always sure where lies the boundary between composition and improvisation. You have demonstrated competence in writing both about classical and jazz, so this seems like a topic which you would be uniquely suited to address. I'm not sure where you'd publish such an item, so in the meantime, I'll just keep listening.

Sorry to read about your hard drive, and glad you're back online.

Caleb Deupree

Never mind about the extended information, Steve. I took a shot at answering my own question. Thanks again for sending me back to Berne.

Steve Smith

You did a terrific job, Caleb!


As great a post as ever, Steve. I miss your prose on certain BBSs.
A love letter I'd like to be the author of, and so close to my own experience with this "formerly best working band".
Thanks for the treat. Too bad I'm (once again) on the wrong side of the atlantic. Montreuil was much more convenient.

sarah d

great post, steve!

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