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November 29, 2007



A real bummer. Never met the guy face-to-face, but he wrote a couple of pieces for Global Rhythm while I was the editor, including a terrific cover story on Kermit Ruffins, and his liner notes to the new Miles Davis On The Corner box are evocative and a hell of a lot of fun.


How could you *not* remember Tom's embraces? And I can't agree with your first description of Tommy T enthusiastically enough. He was the kind of guy that, after you hung out with him, made you think, "THAT is the kind of person I aspire to be."

Michael Garin

Tom Terrell was a gentleman. A rare thing, these days. Rest in peace, my friend.

erin norris

Tom rocked and will continue to rock on in my heart. Captain awesome, you will be missed.


met Tom @ a Sun Ra concert . . .
lemme see, mid-80's, maybe. he was dj-ing during the "enter-mission." i asked him about one on the songs he played, and what did i do that for? we ended up talking about music for the rest of the Sun Ra performance. he even invited me to a party at his home, and Tom didn't know me from Adam! that's just the way this special brutha waz. Tom was a light of the cosmos who extracted the radiance in all of us. thank you, Tom, for your fire. your Spirit is with us and EarthMother for-i-ver. Peace and One Love. i posted a tribute poem on my uncarved blog - www.artpolitik.com

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