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January 03, 2008


Bearbrick Lover

I like the Sex Pistols bear on the right. Are you a bearbrick collector, too? :-)

Bearbrick Lover

PS. Didn't think you'd find those signs in Flushing... :-P

Steve Smith

BL, I'm a Bearbrick noob: I've only just discovered the little buggers and I'm fascinated. I actually went down to Kidrobot on Prince Street to treat myself to a few new ones this morning, but apart from a few 400% models they didn't have any! Very disappointing.

Bearbrick Lover

You may want to try this store:

Toy Tokyo
121 2nd Ave 2F. NYC, NY 10003
Phone: 212.673.5424
FAX: 212.673.5450
Store hours:: everyday 1PM-9PM

Check out their website, too.

Good luck!

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