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February 22, 2008


Lisa Hirsch

WOW, how exciting! Safe travels, and I'll be reading along with you.

Bruce Hodges

Boy, you weren't kidding about "big news," were you! Molto congratulations, Steve, for getting the opportunity of a lifetime (maybe even several). Record all you can and I will look forward to your impressions whenever they arrive.

Richard G.

"Dvorak and the Axis of Evil"

This is truly what the dialogue between music and people is all about: the great social enterprise put to the test. Essentially, an American organization playing European music in a communist Asian nation performed by players from around the world. It's not so much what the whole event represents but rather figuring out what to make of the whole thing. That's your job! Have a wonderful time and attempt to remember everything!

Bon Voyage Steve!


Vincent Kargatis

Very cool. The most closed society on the planet! Good luck! Watch the picture taking, I don't think they let you blog from a North Korean gulag.

jon abbey

nice, Steve, good luck! should be wild...


Couldn't happen to a better guy, safe and rich trip, Steve.

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