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April 06, 2008


Richard G.

we all have our "Kiss"es. Mine was Danny Elfman's score to Batman which I discovered roughly around the same time as I discovered Beethoven...no one bothered to explain to me that one was inherently better than the other.
In any case, being a very enthusiastic armchair conductor at an early age changed the direction of my life and in no small way inspired me to work in music. How do I tell my symphony friends I was inspired to discover music and follow a life-trajectory thanks to works titled things like "Clown Attack" and "Final Confrontation?"

Eric Skelly

As soon as I read the first sentence of this blog entry I felt a rush of vicarious excitement, as I know what that must have meant to you. I'm so happy that you had that experience!


I had a very similar experience a few years ago, when I was one of the freelance contributors assembling the Ozzfest tour book, and Tony Iommi called my apartment. I was instantly 15 again.

As far as Kiss is concerned, I was never a fan as a kid, and I think you have to embrace them in childhood, with little or no knowledge of rock - that way, the showmanship draws you in as much as the music. I recently (like, a month ago) bought my first ever Kiss record - the 2CD Gold anthology, which covers the highlights from 1974-82. They play decent hard rock with lyrics in one of two modes: boneheaded single-entendre cock-rock, or goofy power-of-positive-thinking anthems. But they had some better than decent riffs and choruses, I'll give 'em that.

Vincent Kargatis

So awesome, Steve. Too cool!

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