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May 06, 2008


Bryant Manning

Speaking of the Rich book, the last essay in there got me into a CD store faster than you can say 'K448'.

Chris Becker

Steve, going back to your earlier post where you talk about being somewhat disillusioned (?) with blogging...I realize that one reason I picked up a copy of Alex Ross' The Rest Is Noise is in part due to the relentless blogging about it. And I'm glad I did.

So that said - and taking note that you've used this "tagging" nonsense to bring another book to the attention of your readers - will you be posting anything about George Lewis' new book A Power Stronger Than Itself: The AACM and American Experimental Music? This seems like a very important book - one that may even be revelatory to many composers who visit and comment on your site. I also believe - from reading some excerpts as well as interviews with George Lewis - that its content has the potential generate a lot of healthy discussion within the so called "new music" community. However, I have this sinking feeling that the more prominent sites that talk about contemporary experimental music will sleep on this.

I could throw up a post on my blog about the book - but it's safe to say you get a lot more readers than I do. Not that its your job to promote other people's writing - but a valuable by product of your "blog" is bringing attention to important contemporary writing on the subject of composition and/or experimental music.


Steve Smith

Chris, I'm very, very hopeful that I'll find time to read and digest Lewis's extremely important book on the AACM soon -- and I completely agree with you about the extreme importance of this long-in-the-making volume. In the mean time, watch this space tomorrow for a plug.

Reuben Radding

These quasi-oulipian Internet chain letter processes always seem like they're going to be interesting, but for instance when I tried this one I got this:

"Black opened the Queen Bishop file for himself when he played 3...PXP in the opening. Now he develops the Queen Rook to this half-open file, where it exerts pressure against White's Queen Bishop Pawn. For the time being this pressure is masked, but the game can easily take a turn after which the pressure will become direct."

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