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May 03, 2008



I stumbled across this site by mistake and I was really intrigued by your blogs and especially your music choices. They are a very wide arrange of music that you put on your playlist. Which made me think that maybe, just maybe, you would be interested in this new upcoming genius that I found. (Especially since he will be playing on May 8th in New York City at Pianos). His name is Val Emmich. He has been around for quite some time but has been under the radar for too long. His now making a big impression with his latest album that was out and I'm really hopeing he will soar even higher with his new album that's out very soon. So if you can, please give him a listen or even check him out yourself. Here's all the info you need to check him out:

May 8th @ Pianos
158 Ludlow at Staton
New York City



Ian David Moss

I hear you. In the course of starting up my own blog (http://createquity.blogspot.com) this year, I've been subscribing to a lot more RSS feeds than I have in the past, and DAMN if there's not a lot of content out there! It makes one wonder how to maintain a unique voice amid the torrent of material. I mean, in my case there aren't a whole lot of other composers in business school with an interest in philanthropy out there, so I guess I should be ok for at least another year or so. But I think this is something that is not at all unique to the blogosphere. The internet is truly making Andy Warhol look prophetic. Every creative enterprise imaginable is now facing these dynamics: intense existing competition with few barriers to entry and very little exit (after all, even after people die, their work lives on). It makes me wonder to what extent we can leave time to appreciate the work of others, if we're all so busy creating our own. I know that I spend much less time contributing thoughts to sites like yours than I used to or than I'd like to, since I began doing Createquity. And it was the same when I was living in NYC and trying to make time for at least a few of the seemingly dozens of friends' concerts happening every week. It occurs to me that the Internet is kind of like its own NYC in that way.

That being said, I think anyone would tell you that you're being too hard on yourself. I mean, three top-ten mentions in a class of hundreds? That doesn't happen by accident.

Marc Geelhoed

Everyone knows that loneliness and a lack of fulfillment (romantic, financial, and/or professional) is what makes one a great blogger and gives one the time to maintain such a thing. I suggest losing your job(s), your marriage, and maybe a move to Scarsdale. That will give you everything you need to create a great blog!

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