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June 12, 2008


Corey Dargel

What goes on at meetings of the Music Critics Association of North America?

Steve Smith

The first rule of MCANA is, there is no MCANA. Wait... that's exactly what we're trying to prevent with this meeting...

Seriously, Corey, figuring out the answer to that question is exactly why I paid to be here this year.

Marc Geelhoed

Good question, Corey. And hey Steve, when is the vote on whether serialism represents the only true way forward and tonality is, thereofre a nostalgic relic of the past scheduled for this year?

Marc Geelhoed

I meant therefore, of course.

Corey Dargel

Marc, Way to beat the serialists at their own game, proclaiming an aesthetic that often deliberately avoids the perception of "moving forward" as the only way to move forward!

Sator Arepo

Mssrs. Smith & Geelhoed:

Some of us (who for some reason were not invited) heard that there is/was a panel at the MCANA on the state of music blogs. Any news on how that panned out?

Mssrs. Geelhoed & Dargel:

Serialism is not the only way forward; however, this does not preclude tonality from possibly being a nostalgic relic of the past, does it? Not to say serialism is not (necessarily) yet another relic (if perhaps not so nostalgic, for some). But does that mean returning to the 19th century? If so, why?

Marc Geelhoed

Mr. Arepo,

I don't work as a critic anymore, and therefore am not a member of MCANA, so I don't know how anything went down at the NPAC.

And you are muddying the waters with your attempts at nuancing the question. This vote always goes down "Yes" or "no." An election is no time for subjective responses!!!

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