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July 26, 2008


Henry Holland

You lucky man! I had to choose between Adriana Mater and Billy Budd in Santa Fe or Szymanowski's King Roger at Bard, and I choose the Upstate New York option. I wish more companies would do the original version of Billy Budd, it has a scene at the end of the first act for Captain Vere and the crew that was cut in the revision because Pears couldn't sing it and was very powerful the one time I heard it (in St. Louis).

Eric Skelly

I couldn't agree with you more about the Billy Budd. It was nearly as good as the brilliant Budd Houston Grand Opera mounted this past Spring. Interesting that you singled out Keith Jameson's Novice for special mention. We thought he was extraordinary in this, as well as in the so-so Falstaff we saw the night before. I mean, how many times do you come away from Falstaff praising the Bardolph?!


I'm heading to Santa Fe on Friday, and seeing all 5 operas, but the one I am anticipating the most is Billy Budd. Although I am also looking forward to Saariaho's because I saw her L'amour de Loin last time I was in Santa Fe.

Where would you recommend the enchiladas? They are my favorite, and I had some very poor ones last time.

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