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October 01, 2008


Bruce Hodges

Steve, I wasn't aware of Bloom at all (bearing out your thesis that she could promote herself more), so thanks for this, which sounds right up my alley.


I like Bloom's last two records quite a bit, but wasn't familiar with her before that. Might have to start digging backward.

Steve Smith

Any of Bloom's discs with Fred Hersch are worth hearing; that was an outstanding partnership, as Hersch somehow knew how to add just the right amount of plushness to balance Bloom's straight-horn sound without overwhelming it.

Two of the best earlier sets are Mighty Lights on Enja, with the added benefit of a mighty rhythm section in Charlie Haden and Ed Blackwell, and Slalom, the second Columbia CD, with bassist Kent McLagan and genius drummer Tom Rainey. (In a previous lifetime, I personally agitated to have this one reissued on Koch).

I'm also very fond of Red Quartets, a 1999 Arabesque release with Hersch, Mark Dresser and Bobby Previte. What a great live band that was!

Miss Mussel

The whistling is strangely beguiling. I was listening while doing something else in another tab (so therefore not watching) and at times he sounded like a non-ear piercing piccolo. If only there were such a thing in real life.

After listening a couple of times, I'm still no sure what to make of it.

Anyway, all this to say, thanks for sharing!

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