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March 20, 2011


Chris Becker

"But perhaps this is beside the point in evaluating dance performances, and likely even more so when evaluating Cunningham, where a coexistence without co-dependency between music and dance was precisely the point."

Composers for dance are usually are ignored in reviews of dance performances. They are also usually ignored by music critics! Early on I realized that that was just a trade off I'd have to deal with if I wanted to focus my energies on creating scores for dance.

I have read only a few reviews of dance performance where the music was discussed equally with the movement in theater. This is just an observation. Perhaps it is an interzone of creative collaboration that critics such as yourself might investigate?


I'd say you're exactly right, Chris, and I'm mulling a related project even now with a colleague in the dance world.

Chris Becker

THAT would be wonderful, Steve. There is a void waiting to be filled (sorry to be melodramatic)

And the Merce article is very nicely done! Sorry I didn't mention that.

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