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August 07, 2012


Joe Higham

Nice comments and video of 'Metal Box in Dub'. However, I wonder which is which, after all is it worse to be two originals touring under another name, or one original touring with a band of replacements?

The saddest bit is that Nathan Maverick tries to imitate JR/John Lydon rather than create his own style. But then again John Lydon is a shadow of his former glory also, unable to move on from what he thinks is the provocative punk rocker that he was.


Can we please agree to stop the game of Emperors New Clothes where Lydon is concerned? He sounds awful and turned into the worst kind of phones and sellout that the former Johnny Rotten complained of back in 1976.

Wobble and Levene on the other hand sound phenomenal.


This is PiL is what you claim is new music by Public Image.

It's not. It's far-removed from what Public Image Ltd stood for

Call it what it is. A CD from an over the hill ex punk rocker and his
Tribute Band.

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